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We urgently need to improve the welfare of chickens reared for meat. And there’s a plan! Five clear steps that will offer them a brighter future. It’s called the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC). We’re asking the food industry to introduce these vital criteria to ensure chickens lead better lives:

Five steps to better chicken

Over 130 UK businesses are already on board, including Greggs, KFC, M&S and Waitrose, and have pledged to deliver these improvements by 2026.  Please support these companies and be part of the journey to change the lives of millions of chickens for the better!

Watch the video to find out how we can give all chickens a brighter future...


As a consumer, you have power. You can help elevate chicken welfare with every choice you make:

  1. If you are buying chicken, always opt for higher welfare with RSPCA Assured or Red Tractor Enhanced Welfare (not standard Red Tractor) as a minimum.
  2. If you eat chicken, try using different cuts, reducing your portion size or introducing more plant-based foods into your diet.
  3. Urge companies that haven’t yet made the pledge to sign the Better Chicken Commitment, especially the major UK supermarkets – use our share buttons below to get the word out!
  4. Show your support for companies who are working to make a difference. Find out which well-known brands have committed to raising the bar for chicken welfare in the UK.

Your support today will make a difference tomorrow.

Together, let's make a positive impact on chicken welfare!

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CHICKENS and find out why it's so important that we give them happier, healthier lives.

Share and spread the word

You have the power as a consumer to demand change. The UK supermarkets in particular are hugely influential,  and we need them to drive the movement for higher chicken welfare forward. Please help us to spread the word and call on them to do the right thing by signing up to the Better Chicken Commitment - only M&S and Waitrose have made the pledge so far.

You can use these share buttons to get the word out!

Finding compassion: Your guide to buying higher welfare chicken

  • Organic (such as Soil Association) and free-range (such as RSPCA Assured or Red Tractor Free-Range) chicken usually exceeds the requirements of the BCC and can be found in major supermarkets.

  • For indoor higher welfare, look for RSPCA Assured or Red Tractor Enhanced Welfare (NOT the standard Red Tractor). These certifications not only meet but often go beyond the Better Chicken Commitment requirements.
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  • M&S has signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment (the only UK supermarket along with Waitrose to have done so) and has made great progress. All of its fresh Oakham Gold chicken now complies with the Better Chicken Commitment.

  • Tesco and Morrisons have a range of chicken that meets the Better Chicken Commitment criteria, look out for the Tesco ‘Room to Roam’ and Morrisons ‘Space to Roam’ labels. Note: Co-op’s ‘Space to Thrive’ chicken does NOT meet BCC requirements as it is still using fast-growing breeds of chickens.

  • Take note: some supermarkets may describe their chicken as ‘higher welfare’ because they have given the birds more space to live or provided some enrichment. But unless the chicken complies with the 5 key criteria of the BCC – including a change to slower growing breeds of chicken – then it cannot be considered higher welfare.

  • Choose plant power! If you opt for more plant-based foods, this will help to reduce the demand for chicken which fuels the most intensive, low-welfare farming systems - as well as being good for your health and the environment too!


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Check out our handy Chick-0-Meter which is a quick and easy guide on the different certification labels and what they mean for chicken welfare.

Or download the leaflet to help you choose higher welfare if you are shopping for chicken.



The Better Chicken Commitment is a package of science-based criteria, and ALL the criteria need to be implemented to significantly improve the lives of chickens reared for meat. 

Lower welfare chicken, particularly under the marketing guise of 'higher welfare' should not be an option on supermarket shelves.

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Having a range of BCC-compliant chicken on shelf is a positive first step, but our goal is to see every UK retailer sign up for Better Chicken for ALL the chicken it sells. Only then can we make higher welfare chicken the norm.

M&S and Waitrose have already signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment, and we will continue to urge Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco to take this compassionate step to improve the welfare of the chickens in their care - and we hope you will too!

Together, we can make a significant impact on welfare standards across the entire industry.

SUPPORT COMPANIES on their higher welfare journey!

Please support those companies that are working to create a better tomorrow for the chickens in their care – and encourage others to join the cause.

Your choices will help shape a more compassionate future for all!

Selection of high-street brands that have made the Better Chicken Commitment

Restaurants / eateries

ASK Italian

Belgo Bar & Restaurant

Bella Italia

Bill’s Restaurant and Bar

Burger King

Café Rouge


Chipotle Mexican Grill

Cote Brasserie

Frankie & Benny’s



La Tasca

Las Iguanas

Le Pain Quotidien


Louvre Hotels


Papa John’s

Pizza Express

Pizza Hut


Pret A Manger





Taco Bell

TGI Fridays





Yo! Sushi




Dr Oetker

Kraft Heinz




Retailers and Meal Kits


Greggs plc

Le Pain Quotidien


Marks & Spencer


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